Autoblow 2 Masturbator Sleeve B


Want extra sleeves. You have come to the right place. Washable Re usable Interchangeable Pleasure that fits you. Choose your size. Size A, 7,5 to 10 cm girth, all lengths Size B, 10 to 14 cm girth, all lengths Size C, 14 to 16 cm girth, all lengths Enjoy your sleeve. Enjoy your life. The Autoblow 2, 3 sizes of interchangeable sleeves make the Autoblow 2 totally unique in the universe of male sex toys. Made from a high quality artificial skin material, the sleeves are easy to clean and built to last. You will need a water based lubricant to ease yourself into the machine, so dont forget to pick one up.

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Features: Reusable
Material: Realistic Feel
Weight: 0.31
Flexibility: Stretchy


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