Repair TPE Sex Dolls Stain Remover And Glue


Repair the tpe sex dolls with glue and remove the stains from sex dolls to keep it clean.

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Glue Stain Remover
TPE Glue
TPE Stain Remover
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Product Name: TPE Stain Remover

Function: Doll Stain Remover, for doll skin dyeing, with excellent results!

Stain Remover operation method:
  1. First dolls stained parts clean, and dry surface moisture.
  2. Stain Remover With a cotton swab dipped in the amount to go evenly applied to the in the doll was dyed skin surface.
  3. Wait 5 hours later (the time longer the better color removal) with cotton swab to the surface of the last to wipe clean the surface Stain Remover, (cotton can be seen on the removal of the color), and then re-applied to the to Stained parts, such as 6 hours after the swab with a swab, If there is color , repeat the above operation, until the color of the color parts are removed.
  4. After staining is removed, please clean the color parts, dry the water and apply hand-powder.


Product Name: TPE Glue.
Function: Repair doll tool, paste effect.
Note: Do not touch the skin.



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TPE Repair Tool


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